How to Remove Sticker Residue from Clothing After Washing

I’m going to share a little trick I learned on how to remove sticker residue from clothing after washing…

A few days ago I bought some new fabric and when I received the patterns, they had little stickers on them to mark the name of the patterns and yardage. I thought I had removed all of the stickers before throwing them in the washer since I know you can easily ruin fabric or clothing after washing/drying it with a sticker still left on.  And I was WRONG.  One pesky sticker still made its way through the washer and dryer and much to my dismay, one panel of brand new fabric had a yellowed sticky mess on it.  Grrrr!

I was bound and determined to find a solution…I wasn’t going to let the brand new fabric sit ruined with a sticky mess on it.  I Googled and Googled…and all I could find were ways to remove sticker goo that had sooo many steps to it and so many products that I thought I’d ruin the fabric even more.  Then out of the blue one of my girlfriends gave me a suggestion I’m going to share with you all!

What you need to remove leftover sticky goo from stickers after washing/drying:

*The fabric or garment (make sure to read the directions on how to care for the fabric…if it’s not meant to be ironed, you can’t use this method)

*An iron
*Ironing board
*Paper towels

How to get rid of sticker residue after washing it / going through washer and dryer

*My friend said the sticky actually came off on to the paper towel when she did this…but I actually had to pick at it to get it off.  Once the goo is hot, it peels off easily!*


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  1. You should pin this then link up with's Wednesday Pin for the Wednesdays! :)

  2. This really works – it is amazing!! Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I just got through removing a sticker that my son had forgotten to remove from his favorite shirt. It had gone through the dryer and he was so depressed. He will have a nice surprise in the morning!

    • Glad I could help save his shirt. :) I only wish my mom would have known this to save my favorite shirt back in the day, lol!

  4. What heat setting should the iron be on?

  5. Thanks so much for posting this! Super easy and effective!

  6. Worked like a charm on my son’s handsomest shirt! My previous strategy had been to put an identical sticker over the baked-on one, but I’ve run out so this was a winner. Thanks!

  7. Thank you! I thought I ruined my sons new shirt I just washed and dried on high!
    I had to pick at it a touch, but it all came off.

  8. This worked like a dream, i didnt have kitchen towel, toilet paper worked just as well then rubbed with a T towel. Thank you so much

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