Citrus Zinger Review and Giveaway

Most of you know that lately I’ve been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle:  working out, eating better foods and of course drinking a lot more water!  But as I’ve said before…water can be boring and it’s tedious to make yourself drink the suggested daily amount.  But recently, I stumbled upon one of the neatest new products that I’ve seen in a long time!

The Citrus Zinger!  It’s a really nifty water bottle that lets you infuse your water with lemons, limes, clementines and more.

Let me show you how it works:

Citrus Zinger

This is how my new Citrus Zinger arrived to me!  The pamphlet inside the bottle even had more recipes for me to make with my water!

Citrus Zinger

It has a citrus juicer at the bottom. So neat!

Citrus Zinger

All the parts come apart for easy cleaning!

Citrus Zinger

Step 1 – fill the bottle with water and turn upside down.

Citrus Zinger

Step 2 – push the citrus fruit you are using onto the juicer…the juice will run into you water below.

Citrus Zinger

Step 3 – put the bottom cap over your fruit/juicer.

Citrus Zinger

Step 4 – turn your Aqua Zinger over and shake to infuse your water with the citrus juice!

Super easy and such a brilliant idea!  The juicer at the bottom allows water to constantly mix with whatever citrus you’ve chosen and the strainer keeps seeds from making it into your water.  The bottle itself is tough, BPA free, durable, and stain resistant!  And I love that it can be used over and over again, making it eco-friendly.  The design also makes it easy to travel with!

I use my Citrus Zinger on a daily basis and love how much lemon flavor is actually in the water.  I’ve only used lemons so far but I’m pretty excited to try some clementines next.  ;)

The company that makes the Citrus Zinger, Zing Anything also makes several other really creative products Salad Zinger, Aqua Zinger and Vodka Zinger (yep, you read that right!).  Check them out!

You can get your Citrus Zinger here for $16.95. 

AND Zing Anything is giving you the chance to win a Citrus Zinger for yourself on my blog!

Open to anyone 18 years or older and a resident of the United States.

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*I was gifted a Citrus Zinger for the purpose of a review and received no other compensation.  My thoughts and opinions are 100% real and my own.  Zing Anything is responsible for providing 1 winner a Citrus Zinger.
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Click To Vote For Us @ Top Mommy Blogs. A Ranked & Rated Directory Of The Most Poular Mom Blogs


  1. I stumbled across the zinger website and have been wanting to buy not only the citrus zinger but also the aqua zinger. I would love to win the citrus zinger I would definitely put it to good use.

  2. I like the Aqua Zinger and the Grind and Shake salad dressing thing. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. This looks awesome……I know this would be used to the max. I enjoy anything that makes getting healthy easier.

  4. Lovin the citrus zinger and the aqua zinger looks amazing as well. Gotta get me one of those too :)

  5. Donna Cheatle says:

    I like the citrus zinger best, but also really like the aqua zinger! This is a great idea

  6. Love that idea! I’ve been drinking lots of carbonated flavored water to get more daily water and less pop but this looks like it will give water a great taste without the other chemicals! Both the aqua zinger and citrus zinger look awesome!

  7. Starr Greenwell says:

    Wow, I think they are all cool but the aquazinger looks really neat

  8. I like the citrus zinger best!

  9. I like the citrus zinger but the aqua zinger seems really cool too! :)

  10. never heard of this before, fantastic idea

  11. Vodka zinger… definitely the coolest. Or the aqua zinger!

  12. I love the Salad Zinger

  13. Aquazinger! Love the idea of having fresh fruit flavored water.

  14. Christina Loredo says:

    The Vodkazinger looks amazing! Obviously…

  15. The aquazinger looks really cool.

  16. My husband would love the Citrus Zinger. He is constantly pouring lemon juice into his water. The Salad Zinger looks like my type of kitchen gadget :)

  17. I need to drink more water daily soooo bad! But sometimes coffee takes priority ;)

  18. like the aqua zinger

  19. Clementines? How refreshing! I want one : )

  20. I love the saladzingers

  21. Love the Aquazinger – I must get one of these. The saladzinger is my second favorite.

  22. christina schultz says:

    The Citrus Zinger but I would love to try a salad zinger

  23. Citrus Zinger looks so great!

  24. So cool! Would love to try it!

  25. The vodka zinger would be sooooo awesome!

  26. The Aquazinger looks awesome!

  27. I think the Citruszinger looks really awesome – I love lemon water!

  28. Definitely could use a Citrus Zinger!

  29. GJ Livingston says:

    Would love to get this. Need to drink more water and this would be a great help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Susan Christy says:

    Love the Salad Zinger!

  31. Ann Langille says:

    I Love the Citrus Zinger, it would be great o have another!

  32. Carolyn Kaminski says:

    this is a super cool idea that would also make a great school or youth sports fundraiser

  33. Haley Garofalo says:

    I love the concept of the Aqua Zinger! Looking forward to trying one of those!

  34. the citrus zinger i love lemon in my water.

  35. Love it!

  36. My fave product is the Citrus Zinger!

  37. The aquazinger is amazingly a great idea. I hate water and force myself to drink it, This would be great! I love the citruszinger too since I looove lemons! :)

  38. The salad zinger looks awesome!

  39. A coworker just purchased an Aquazinger and I was in love with it. I would love to try the Citruszinger.

  40. I really want the Citrus Zinger! I think it would get me drinking water again! I think I can finally afford one now but winning one would be even better!

  41. I sure would love to try the Vodkazinger.

  42. has to be the salad zinger! :)

  43. marie taylor says:

    I can’t decide which one I want, I want them all!!!

  44. Addison Kat says:

    I like the aquazinger!

  45. Amy Johnson says:

    I like the Aqua Zinger! :)

  46. Ali Otwell says:

    I would do this with limes! :)

  47. aquazinger

  48. The citrus zinger is pretty cool on its own!

  49. I love the idea of the Zingers but wish they were made in the USA rather than China.

  50. If you want to get a good deal from this article then you have to apply such techniques to your won blog.


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