Seeing My Husband as a Father

In the chaos of yesterday while I was trying to cook and get ready for a Super Bowl gathering we were having, I suddenly realized Mabel needed a bath and her hair washed.  I had no idea how I was going to get everything done…

And then my husband said he would tackle that challenge while I got ready.

Our master bathroom is next door to Mabel’s bathroom and as I was putting on my makeup I could hear the water running for her bath, then it stopped, and that’s when I heard it…Mabel babbling and my husband talking to her.  And not just normal talking…but talking between a father and daughter that I’m not normally privy to hearing.

His talking to her in a quiet, loving way when he didn’t think anyone could hear.  A moment between him and Mabel.

And then I heard splashing and little laughs from Mabel.  And my heart melted.

A little bit later, I could hear bath time was over when I heard the water draining from the tub.

*Our normal routine after a bath is to head downstairs to put a new diaper on Mabel and then I’ll lotion Mabel up so that she stays moisturized.  Hubby has told me before that he doesn’t understand lotion (only a man would say that) and I told him Mabel has to have lotion on after a bath since her skin is delicate.*

I was still in our master bath at this point and I could hear them downstairs…Hubby was putting Mabel’s diaper on…and then broke out into song about putting lotion on Mabel.  “Mabel needs lotion to smell nice and fresh…”  Once again…he didn’t know I could hear him.  This cracked me up.  Not to mention I was proud of him for actually remembering to put lotion on her as per my directions.

I finished my mascara, threw my hair up into a bun, put my earrings in and headed downstairs.  And that’s when I had to grab my camera.

Daddy brushing hair

Daddy Brushing Hair

Daddy brushing hair

He’s seen me trying to brush knots out of her hair before…and I guess he had been paying more attention than I had given him credit for.  He had her little comb out and the bottle of detangler and he was carefully working out each and every knot.

This moment was life changing….really.  I already knew my husband was a great father…but I was so honored to see this exchange between the two of them.  She is going to have that father-daughter bond that I never had.  And words can’t express how happy that makes me feel for her…and how lucky I am to have him as a husband.

What a great Sunday.

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  1. says

    This is just the sweetest little story. Children are such a transforming force, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing and for reminding me to think about the sweet daddy things my husband has done — and continues to do — over twenty-six years of fathering.

  2. Rachel Gross says

    wow… what a special moment!! Is your hubby in a sand shirt?? My hubby is in the military too. I just watched pretty much ALL of your pregnancy vlogs- love them!!

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