Erin Condren Life Planner Review and Giveaway

Erin Condren Life Planner 2013

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Erin Condren‘s Life Planners last year and after reading a bunch of reviews I decided to dive in and buy one (you can read my original post here).

Well…a month ago I realized I was almost finished with my current planner and that it was time to re-order.  There was no hesitation there!

Erin Condren recently revamped their Life Planners (who would have thought that they could be even more awesome?!?) so I couldn’t wait to check out the new features and cover designs.

I’m going to let this video speak for itself.  ;)

Pretty neat, huh?  ;)

So I placed my order and was so excited when it showed up!

I decided on the Classic Life Planner in Party Pops.

Erin Condren Life Planner 2013

Left to Right – last year’s planner (still looking amazing!) and this year’s planner (in Party Pops).

I want to first off point out how amazing my year old planner looks (the planner to the left in the photo above).  These planners are made to last and have hard laminated outside covers, laminated tabs and a metal coil that won’t lose its shape.

So what do I use my planner for?
Well…primarily for my blog.  There are tons of spaces to keep track of my scheduled posts, post ideas, vlogs, contacts, and deadlines.  But that’s not all.  This planner has soooo much room, I’m able to keep track of Mabel’s appointments, play dates and I even keep track of milestone moments that I want to remember.

There are endless possibilities for these planners…I just wish I knew about these when I was in college!

Erin Condren Life Planner 2013

See….lots of space!

And in addition to just the monthly calendar, there is a ton of space for each day:


Now if the cover design I chose isn’t your style, there are a ton of other options.  Some even let you upload a personal photo or photos!

And with plenty of add-on options and personalizations, no two planners are ever the same.  I chose to add on the set of colorful pens.

Erin Condren Life Planner 2013

So here’s the the really fun news…I’m teaming up with Erin Condren give one of my readers a $25 gift card!  That means, if you win, your Life Planner would be half off…or of course you can put your gift card towards any of the many other cute and practical products on the site!

Want to win?  Enter below!
(Open to everyone!)

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  1. My fav. design is dahlia

  2. Actually, my current planner is the one you had last year and the new one you got is my new fave! So I’d get that one :)

  3. I absolutely love the design reality blooms-roses! It’s very pretty!

  4. I just ordered the paisley in seafoam green and multi!

  5. Amy Johnson says:

    Candy lace or bows! But love them all!

  6. Kara Smith says:

    My favorite planner at the moment is the life planner in candy lace, but I’m also really in love with her new gold edition line! But it’s hard to chose a favorite when they are all so beautiful!!

  7. Sarah Sanville says:

    The life planner collage is my favorite but they are all so cute!

  8. Ohh so many good choices… I love the viva españa -chevron.

  9. I love these! I would have to choose the Paisley option.

  10. When i saw your youtube video I just loved the look of the planner and had to go and find it. It looks really great. Hope I get to have one someday.

  11. Carolyn S says:

    My favorite design is dahlia

  12. I like the “zen gems” one! :)

  13. So, I was checking out planners for the new school year at Target last week, and these are WAY cooler! :) Glad I haven’t purchased one yet!

  14. Christina says:

    I love the Dahlia design… But it’s so hard to choose they are all so cute!!

  15. Nicole Parks says:

    That planner looks amazing! I would love to have one!

  16. Jennifer Driscoll says:

    I love the inspire design! Would love to see that reminder daily!

  17. I LOVE these planners! They are so colorful and artsy!

  18. I like the instagram design the best. I love rainbow!

  19. The gold edition turquoise is my absolute favorite, but I’d probably be more likely to go with the viva espana water color. They’re all so gorgeous!

  20. Holly Merker says:

    So awesome! I’ve wanted one of these since the last time you posted about them!

  21. I LOVE the turquoise and gold one – gorgeous!!

  22. I like the initial it design.

  23. AnneMarie says:

    Love the Dahlia planner! I almost ordered one the other day.

  24. These are so awesome! I love the Bows and Wild prints!

  25. Sea life

  26. The collage for sure!

  27. Christina Stirneman says:

    Love the dahlia planner!

  28. I want one of these amazing planners right now but it just doesn’t fit in our tight budget at the moment. $25 would be perfect and I could definitely finally purchase one. They’re so amazing!!

  29. These look amazing and would be perfect to keep organized between my husband, 5 kids, and I!!

  30. Thank you soo soo much for this giveaway.

  31. I need one of these so bad! My 3 year old gets 10 hours of therapy a week on top of preschool and I am expecting #2 in Jan so this would be perfect to keep up with everything

  32. THE BOWS :) such a cute design

  33. Katherine says:

    I really like the collage planner. Thanks for this giveaway.

  34. There are a ton of favs from EC, but I adore the Zen Gems. Something about it is soothing to me. So delicate, but fun also!

  35. I love the Paisley planner :)

  36. My favorite is the fleur feliz!

  37. LOve the Life planner-Candy Lace!!!!!!

  38. Ah! I can’t decide between the viva españa -granada groove and fleur feliz. I love the colors and designs on both!

  39. I like the Party Pops and the Favorite Things designs, but the gold edition ones are pretty snazzy too!!

  40. I like the photo floral planner!

  41. Anna María says:

    My planner from last year does NOT look that great! I’d love one from Erin Condren to organize my life from A to Z:)

  42. My fav is…viva españa -granada groove!

  43. I purchased my first EC planner a few weeks ago and just got it! Great minds think alike Morgan because mine is the Party Pops design too!

  44. I looked through them all and I have to say that the “Party Pops” is my favorite. I love the black background and the bright color dots. :) I also love how you can put a name on the edge of it. Very neat looking. :) Thanks for doing the giveaway, this is fun. :)

  45. I love the seahorse!

  46. My favorite is the viva espana chevron. What a great giveaway

  47. I am obsessed with all of her stuff! I wish I had more money so I could buy everything. Such an addiction!

  48. I like colorblock and lattice!

  49. Dahlia

  50. I haven’t even received mine yet, and have already ordered two others as gifts. Fed Ex guy should be here tomorrow…let’s hope I don’t tackle him!

  51. Shannon Baas says:

    sea life.

  52. I’d do a custom photo design!

  53. My fave is the bows design!

  54. I’m torn between two favorite designs…it’s a toss up between bouquet and party pops!

  55. I like the party pops planner. So fun and cute.

  56. i am loving the zig zag!!!

  57. I just ordered mine and I’m so excited (and nervous) for it to arrive. I can’t believe I spent $80 on a planner so it better be worth it

  58. I love the “inspire” planner. I’m such a quote girl.

  59. Vernieda says:

    I just learned about these planners on Twitter. I love the peacock cover but they all look beautiful.

  60. inspire and favorite things are my two faves. :) I need a planner desperately! lol

  61. I’d have to say my favorite is the peacock design. I really like the white space with all the colorful tabs poking out. So pretty! I would easily be able to organize my life if I had one of these.

  62. hey cutie my favorite is the wild one : Xx . I don’t have life planner and I really need one xx

  63. my favorite is frame me. cute and simple

  64. Kristina says:

    I have never seen a nicer planer. It really gives you plenty of space to get organized. Love the design and all cute little things to spoil you. Wish I could get it in Germany :(

  65. Data Schlueter says:

    My favorite is bouquet. I would love to have this planner!

  66. Ciara Smith says:

    I love love love dahlia!!! I just ordered mine last week and I can barley wait to get it in the mail!!!

  67. Hard to just pick one design but I am loving the bow design!

  68. I have the paisley option with the white back ground, in my cart on!(have yet to actually place the order!!lol) there were so many great options i just couldnt decide!! This will be my 1st life planner! Heres to hoping to get the gc!!! thanks

  69. I just ordered my first Erin Condren planner! There are many accessories I still want!!

  70. Ashley Stone says:

    They’re all so cute, but I love Dahlia! So glad you introduced me to these planners–I’m a planner-addict!

  71. I could definitely use a planner this year!!!! Fiancé and I have a new job with Crazy Hours and a 1 year old!!!! I need some organization in my life ;)

  72. My fave design is the Party Pops design… I have been eyeing for what seems like eternity!

  73. Jessica Campbell says:

    I LOVE the paisley design and the zig zag design. I have no idea how I would choose between the two if I won!

  74. Katrina Daniel says:

    My favorite design is fleur feliz. Just order my first planner today actually lol should be seeing it in a week

  75. Kristi A. says:

    My favorite is zen gems but all of the designs are great!

  76. I LOVE the inspired design

  77. They’re all so cute its hard to choose just one but if I had to I would choose the peacock designs!

  78. My favorite is the dahlia.

  79. I love the Wild design!!

  80. Samantha Burnison says:

    I LOVE erin condren!! I love the party pop design and the paisley! So many amazing choices!

  81. Maggie L says:

    I just ordered my first EC Life Planner and have been obsessing over it. I CAN’T Wait for it to arrive.

  82. Amber Lagness says:

    I ordered the favorite things planner. I am so excited to get mine. It is supposed to ship next week!

  83. I love the gold leaf ones!

  84. I really love Peacock and Party Pops! Hard decision. ;-)


  85. Jeni Yantis says:

    I love the gold with pink!

  86. the cover w/the photo collage on the front is my fav so my family is w/me where I go makes me smile =-)

  87. I love the rainbow striped one!

  88. That planner looks amazing. I could really use something like that to keep me more organized.

  89. There are so many cute ones…I’d choose the Instagram or the Paisley.

  90. I love my Erin Condren stuff…I have a life planner, teacher planner, notecards, notepads, labels…I could go on forever!!!

  91. I love Frame Me!

  92. I just got the candy and lace planner. I love it!

  93. I love the mod morocco

  94. I love Viva Espana in Watercolor and the party pops life planner you have pictured! The life planners are so cute!

  95. Chasity Rollins says:

    I ordered my first Life Planner last year and its AMAZING!! My favorite pattern is the new Turquoise Gold Edition.

  96. I like the picture this designs where you can include your own photo. Very cute!

  97. The Gold edition ones are amazing!!!


  98. Love the instagram!

  99. i would LOVE a candy lace planner <3 my favorite pattern !!

  100. McKenzie Nicholas says:

    My favorite pattern is the ones that you can put in your own pictures. I also love the chevron.

  101. My favorite is bows! Just too cute.

  102. Amie Buzza says:

    Such a hard choice! I love them all. Since I’m a teacher I really love Chalkboard in the Teacher Planner and Party Pops in the Life Planner. Now I need to get a clipboard to match!

  103. Lisa Garner says:

    I like the 2013-2014 life planner -candy lace

  104. Michelle Morris says:

    Love Erin Condren life planners!! Zig zag and wild are my faves!!

  105. Mine is the Inspire

  106. nicole Konotopka says:

    I love the ocean ones!! Especially the sand dollar ones….so beautiful!! The esea collection is wonderful!

  107. I love all the colors and cover designs available. It makes choosing hard though!

  108. I love the Paisley and the Candy Lace

  109. I’ve never heard of these planners before, but they look awesome! I really like how many different options there are…though that would make it harder to choose one. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  110. Lisa Kersey says:

    I’m torn between two! I like party pops and zen gems :)

  111. Carrie Robbins says:

    I was just introduced to these planners by a teacher…. and now I want one of my own!

  112. Ashley M D says:

    My favorite design is the paisley!

  113. I absolutely love EC planners and just ordered my favorite…Party Pops! :)

  114. So many great designs! Right now my favorite is between instagram or candy lace.

  115. My favorite Erin Condren LP planner is either the zig zag, or the photo collage. I’ve been an EC fans for years and have a planner in zen gems and love it, too!

  116. Kaitlyn Moriarity says:


  117. Candy lace

  118. collage I like the pictures you can add these would be great x mas presents:)

  119. If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).


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