36 Weeks Pregnant – Video Update and Belly Picture!

Between being kicked and internal bruising from this little girl, I found time to make my update vlog and take this week’s belly shot! Last night, she got something hooked on my lower rib and I felt/heard a sound of a rubber-band being plucked (I think it was her foot pulling on a rib!).  Goodness!  […]

35 Weeks Pregnant and Belly Picture

35 weeks pregnant belly

Yesterday, I hit the big 3-5 mark! And boy am I’m feelin’ it! My tummy feels huge and I’m very uncomfortable!  So here’s the picture and I don’t think she’s dropped yet.  Does anyone know when that tends to happen? *Lesson that I learned today* – I can’t be out and about for more than […]

34 Weeks Pregnant – Belly Picture and Vlog Update

Notice the nice shirt paired with comfy yoga pants...I've given up!

34 Weeks…I honestly can’t believe that we are almost at the finish line! I’m ready to meet this little girl and I’m ready to have my lungs back (no baby legs crushing me and making it hard to breathe!) Here’s the latest belly pic: And here is the most recent vlog update: I know…it looks […]

33 Weeks Pregnant – Update and Vlog!

Boy, having a head cold and being pregnant isn’t fun at all! But I keep telling myself it’s better that I’m getting my yearly cold over with now before little Mabel comes on the scene!Here is the most recent picture: Can you believe how big my belly has gotten?!? This vlog is a little longer […]

32 Weeks Pregnant and A Belly Picture

As the year comes to an end, I’m officially 32 weeks pregnant! Only 8 left to go…possibly more since I feel this little girl is going to be late.  She’s still kicking up a storm in my ribs and I can definitely tell that she’s taking up more and more space.  I’m also swollen…it hit […]

31 Weeks Pregnant and Belly Picture!

I’m way behind and will actually be 32 weeks in two days but I figured better late than never!  So much has happened that it will just be easier to update all of my 31 week happenings through a vlog….but, I still don’t have the ability to upload a video since we are traveling.  As […]

30 Weeks Pregnant – Belly Pictures! Woo Hoo!

I hit the 30 week mark yesterday!  I just can’t believe that we only have 10 weeks left to go! Yep, that’s my unlucky shirt from the nosebleed and the hot chocolate incident.  :( My poor attempt to ‘switch it up’ with a fun picture, lol!  My weekend – ‘The Hot Chocolate Incident’ Check out […]

27 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pic – Hello Third Trimester!


Yesterday I officially hit the third trimester mark!  Pretty exciting!  Here’s the belly shot: I know I say this every week, but I really am feeling huge.  It’s getting hard to get up from sitting on the floor (I sound like an old person trying to get up after sitting too long!) and I’m definitely […]

Week 26 Belly Picture – And the First Stranger Acknowledgment

It’s official…I’m huge (but I’m secretly hoping it’s just the shirt!) I had to tie my shirt with a hair tie on the hidden side so you could actually see the belly outline and not just a tent of fabric, lol! On another note, I had my first stranger come up to me.  She looked […]

It’s Week Pregnancy 25 w/ Belly Pic

Yesterday was week 25 of my pregnancy!  Getting closer one week at a time.  Here’s this week’s photo: The belly for sure is getting bigger and is in the way.  I think I took shaving and painting my toe nails for granted before I was pregnant…now it’s a chore.  Even trying to get my pants […]

18 Week Belly Shot

I have several friends on Facebook who for the past few weeks have been asking me to post some belly photos so they can see.  Well, I’m not an exhibitionist and never one of those girls who took a ton of self pictures standing in the mirror to add to Facebook, so I was a […]

5 Weeks Pregnant!


Here goes nothing…my first belly shot at 5 weeks exactly:  (I feel ridiculous posting this!) No ‘baby belly’ yet! Sooo…here is the latest vlog entry: I’ve been pretty lucky so far along the lines of morning sickness…nothing too bad so far!  I was nauseous for the first time this morning.  Not throwing up, but just […]