31 Weeks – The View From Above

31 weeks pregnant belly

31 weeks…the view from above. So yeah, it might not be the most flattering image but it’s Sunday and I’ve been seriously uncomfortable for about 24 hours.  This little gal feels like she’s packed in my belly at a diagonal angle and stretching out.  My internal organs aren’t a fan… In other news…some of you […]

30 Weeks and Some Odds and Ends

30 weeks pregnant

Ta-da….30 weeks pregnant!  We’re entering the last stretch of this race. Normally stripes aren’t my friend but I think this shirt still works.  I’m accepting that I’m wide and I know it.  :) Okay so for a 30 week roundup: I’m at a total weight gain of 24 pounds (a lot less than at this […]

My 3 Hour Glucose Test Results Are In

call center

*Read about my 1 hour glucose fail here…and my 3 hour test experience here.* So as I stated on Facebook last night that no one called me to tell me my 3 hour glucose test results after I was told that they would, whether the results were pass or fail.  I stress out pretty easily […]

Oh Yesterday…

toddler problems

Okay so yesterday was a very long day… It consisted of waking up at 5:30am to get ready, wake the toddler and then drive myself the hour and a half to our birth center (yep, it’s a 3 hour round trip drive and when it comes to labor I’ll probably be that woman who gives […]

27 Weeks – Goodbye 2nd Tri!

27 weeks pregnant

I hope you’ll excuse the fact that this post is just about a week late…it’s been a busy week.  :) Not only is today my last day in the second trimester with this little baby, it’s my birthday too.  I guess that’s a perfect way to kiss the second tri adios! Goodbye second trimester…hello third […]

Friday Five

I love my sis shirt - old navy

Last week I started Friday Five posts on the blog to help share a few small things that happened in the past week that I didn’t have time to share…so I’m trying to follow through with it.  ;) Here’s this week’s Friday Five: 1. –  We purchased Mabel’s first sister item. 2. –  I say […]

Friday Five


Friday Five is something new I want to try out (and we all know how bad I am at keeping up with things).  I figured it would serve as a weekly post on 5 things that I didn’t mention during the week…random tidbits, photos, and things I didn’t get to share.  I haven’t been able […]

Trick or Treat!

Halloween 2014 Raggedy Ann

Boo! This was Mabel’s first year of actually going door to door trick or treating…and she had a blast! If you remember, Mabel was a peacock for Halloween when she was eight months old (the cuteness kills me!) and last year we didn’t go trick or treating since my husband had just gotten back from […]

The Great Baby Name Debate

letter M

To M or not to M…that is the question. Figuring out the name for Baby #2 has been quite the challenge.  While we knew Mabel’s name as soon as we saw her girly parts flashed on the screen by the ultrasound tech, this little baby still has no name.  We have a handful of names […]

The Halfway Point

20 weeks pregnant view from above

Halfway there…cue The Little Engine That Could mantra:  I think I can, I think I can. Baby #2 (still no name yet) was officially 20 weeks on Sunday and there is a light at the end of the tunnel now, I mean I guess there should be…but all can think of is how much bigger […]