Pregnancy and Acceptance of Body Issues

23 weeksb pregnant with second child

I was 23 weeks yesterday…one more week closer to 40 and meeting this little lady. But one thing that I haven’t really discussed is my body image during pregnancy.  For me, loving what I see is insanely difficult. Some of you are probably going to think this post is ridiculous or whiny but I’m just […]

I’ve Been Keeping a Secret…

Super Hero Pregnancy Announcement

With all of the craziness of selling our home, living in limbo in Maryland, and now moving to South Carolina…there is something that I haven’t shared with you all yet. No…Mabel isn’t Clark Kent.  ;) But I for sure had a lot of fun taking photos of her outside in a Super Woman costume. But […]

Welcome to the Terrible Twos

terrible twos

As I sit here typing this, we are watching Wall-E for the millionth time.  My child’s day isn’t complete without watching it at least two times. This is exactly how I feel… I could sing the opening song in Wall-E from Hello Dolly by heart now.  “Out there, there’s a world outside of Yonkers…” But […]

Travel Beds for Toddlers and Kids

Travel Beds for Toddler and Kids - different options and different pricepoints that will work for everyone!

The arrival of summer means that a lot of you will be traveling with your little ones (or moving!) and of course that poses the question:  Where is my toddler going to sleep? As I’ve mentioned a bazillion times already, we are having to stay with my dad for a month while waiting for our […]

15 Ways to Save Money Before and After Baby

15 Ways to Save Money Before and After Baby - tips that worked for us!

 SunTrust Bank was kind enough to sponsor this post. As always the opinions and text are all mine. Growing up with both parents who had careers in banking, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had financial discussions. From saving my allowance so that I could buy a toy I wanted to saving money […]

Friday Morning


Friday morning… I’m standing in our family room doing a triceps exercise with my 5 pound weights. I know I look ridiculous but whatever, who’s watching other than Mabel?  This momma has to get these arms in shape before she tries to wear a tank top this summer… Anyway, I looked over and Mabel had […]

The Solution

how to stop toddler from taking diaper off at night

First off…a major thanks to the ladies who left me comments/suggestions on how to solve the problem in my post about Mabel’s new trick. Now, this is going to look like borderline child abuse but I promise Mabel wasn’t as miserable as she looked in this pic last night: We decided to go the route […]

A Day For Mothers

Mother's Day Fun

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it keeps getting better and better each year (I know, that sounded like super cheesy mom-speak).  But for real…we had a great day! Last year I posted a belated Mother’s Day post where I had spent my day making Mabel’s 1st year growth photo. This year, I spent it focused […]

Mabel’s Sunday Adventure

Through The Eyes of a Toddler

This past weekend was spent fixing a few things up around the house. And Mabel made sure to oversee it all.  She’s a little taskmaster… Nothing means business like a big hair-bow and some Toms shoes, lol!  Honestly, I think she was puzzled as to why Grandpa and Daddy were messing with lights on the […]

The Toothbrush

the toothbrush incident

My short story for the day: You know that proud parenting moment when you see your little one brushing their teeth all by themselves? Well, I felt it!  “What a big girl”, I thought! But then I realized I’d never seen that toothbrush before.  And why did it have two ends? That’s when it hit […]