Did I Really Just Do That?


I had a whole post ready to write and share with you all yesterday but I never got around to it...but I have a legit excuse (and don't you worry, the original post is a funny Mabel post and it'll be up over the next few days). So get ready to sit back and ask yourself, "Did she really just do that?".  You're either going to be able to relate, feel sorry for me, or think I'm incredibly stupid.  … [Read More...]

Off To The Midwives’ We Go

Week 12 / 13

Here we go again...round #2! Last week we ventured out to our first meeting with our new birth center here in South Carolina...and I was nervous!  Not sure why, I've done this before and I've even had midwives before.  I guess I was just … [Read More...]

Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage II Giveaway


I know, the blog has been full of giveaways recently...but seriously, I'm hoping you're loving all the fun stuff!  As a Step2 Ambassador, I'm super thrilled to be included in this giveaway and hope you'll take a minute to enter to win your little … [Read More...]

Pampers Summer Gift Pack {Giveaway}

Mabel's Picnic

Pampers was awesome enough to send over a great summer picnic kit packed to the brim with goodies in celebration of their new baby wipes and designs!  We put it immediately to use since we're finally getting settled into our new home and enjoying our … [Read More...]

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education

Heads up! This is a sponsored post for a great cause! Get your Box Tops for Education from Food Lion® and raise money for your local school! For those of you with kiddos who are in school, I hope you'll take the time to read this entire post. The … [Read More...]

Pregnancy Recap…The First Trimester

11 weeks - baby is the size of a lime

Since I kept this pregnancy a secret for almost all of the first trimester, I figured a recap would be good for those of you who are interested.  ;) I hit the glorious 12 week mark tomorrow and welcome the start of the 2nd trimester.  Maybe I … [Read More...]

Listerine + Chevron Print = Fresh!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Listerine for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Yes...this post is about Listerine (and yep, that's our new bathroom). But let's face it...mouthwash, we all need it and we all should … [Read More...]

What’s Shakin’ Bacon?

let's go for a ride

I'm so far behind on updates that it's not even funny. But I guess it's kind of expected with moving.  :) So let me share what I've been up to the past few days... We had the joy of living in a hotel last Monday through Friday.  Me + husband … [Read More...]

I’ve Been Keeping a Secret…

Super Hero Pregnancy Announcement

With all of the craziness of selling our home, living in limbo in Maryland, and now moving to South Carolina...there is something that I haven't shared with you all yet. No...Mabel isn't Clark Kent.  ;) But I for sure had a lot of fun … [Read More...]



This is what my child did this morning... Took all the peanuts and other nut jars out of my father's pantry and lined them up on the desk in the kitchen. Whatever floats your boat...or at least keeps her in a happy mood. Mabel has been a bit … [Read More...]

Roots Be Gone…Well, Sort of

roots be gone

If you saw my Facebook status last Friday, you'll know that I had a hair issue to deal with. And I would have posted sooner but I'm still dealing with horrible internet that is slow/cuts out all the time.  That should be fixed when we move next … [Read More...]